Wellcome to the creator of standard double acting hydraulic cylinders.

We also produce hydraulic cylinders from customer's custom designs, in non standard dimensions and technical solutions. In that case, we ask you to contact us.

Please choose cylinder type, piston diameter, stroke lenght, cushioning type and eye mounting thread.
All dimensions are in specified in mm


  • Cylinder mounting
  • Piston diameter
  • Piston rod diameter
  • Cylinder stroke
  • Cushioning
  • Eye mounting thread
  • Cylinder with eye

Calculate hydraulic cylinder theoretical parameters

Cylinder parameters

Piston diameter mm
Piston rod diameter mm
Pressure bar
Stroke lenght mm


Pushing force (from piston side) kN T
Pulling force (from rod side) kN T
Piston side volume cm3    
Rod side volume cm3    
The calculator is theoretical and does not account for buckling